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Company Profile

Amperium was a service oriented company established in 2007 and focused on providing cross-industry strategic guidance as well as integrated solutions on ways in which organizations can benefit from technology, by following our Concept-to-Launch® (C2L®) approach.

Amperium had a successful track record of client engagement throughout the full C2L® process flow, including concept inception, product and service planning, technology assessment, system implementation and integration all the way to final launch with solution roll-out and full operational readiness.

Amperium's experience enabled us to offer a 360° view of the C2L® stages to our customers, enabling them to benefit from technology in order to improve their business practices by having a clear end-to-end view and control of how their ideas get materialized. We could add value throughout the entire C2L® process flow or at any individual stage.

Services were being adapted to each customer's needs based on the the C2L® process flow, from large organizations all the way to SOHO and SME.

Our vision: To engineer the future by utilizing technology to the benefit of our clients.

Our mission: To provide from Concept-to-Launch® (C2L®) specialized, objective and quality advice that will enable our clients to use technology in order to maximize value for their business and operational practices.

Amperium ceased its operations in January of 2016 following a very successful path and track record.

Our Concept-To-Launch (C2L) approach

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